Guilford County


This summer the cohort of organizers and volunteers in Greensboro did some amazing work and we continued to build upon years of resistance through voter empowerment and community building. Every Monday a group of individuals ranging from 4 to 18 people would go out canvassing in the community. We decided to do Monday’s because it correlated with the Moral Monday rallies happening in Raleigh. The Moral Monday Watch Parties were successful in bringing people out, getting them engaged in, and sparking dialogue amongst volunteers about the urgency of now. It was nice to go out into the community and then return to hear an uplifting word from Reverend Barber.

The Moral Freedom Summer Community forums were a great platform for folks to come together, air their grievances about the regression of our state, and channel that discontent into brainstorming ways that we could organize and mobilize our communities. Young people were a large part of these conversations and their presence was greatly appreciated. They were really concerned about their education and the path their schools were going down. Through these conversations we were also able to build connections with various individuals that wanted to engage their circle of influence in voter empowerment work. Some of the key groups that we worked with were Working America, American Friends Service Committee, Participatory Budgeting, Gate City Youth Council, Organize 2020, Move On, various faith based groups, and local businesses.

We’re continuing to build upon this network of organizations as we move forward in our push for voter empowerment and a true democracy. Collaborating with Gate City Youth Council has been an amazing experience. The group of folks that comprise Gate City are some amazing young people that are deeply invested in changing the world they live in. They were engaged in the conversations around voter empowerment, public education, and civic engagement. They also were the core group of volunteers that would come out canvassing multiple times a week, attend meetings at the Board of Elections and engage with adults about the importance of them voting for their future. It was an honored to have the opportunity to share space with so many amazing people and do such impactful work.

-- Holden Cession, Guilford County MFS Organizer