Martin & Beaufort Counties


Martin County

The Moral Freedom Summer in Martin County this summer invigorated the Martin County Branch and specifically the Youth Council. The summer began with an Activity and Enrichment Day targeting the youth at the NC Telecenter. Under the leadership of Youth President 14 year old Latoya Allah, we hit the ground running with weekly canvasses registering voters and reminding voters about the November election. After being exposed to many of the issues directly affecting their community like Medicaid expansion, the Martin County youth council ranging from ages 10-17 helped register all of the new voters in Martin County this summer. This Moral Freedom Summer, the Martin County NAACP also worked with the SGA of Martin Community College questioning the operations of the college and the board of trustees by collaborating to hold a Town Hall meeting, attending board meetings and county commissioner meetings. Local congregations like Back Swamp Church of Christ and Cedar Hill Church opened up their doors to working with us in our voter registration efforts, registering at Back Swamp's bimonthly food pantry. Local Barber Shops and Beauty Salons were open to be designated areas of registration.

Beaufort County

This Moral Freedom Summer the Beaufort County Branch collaborated successfully with the Beaufort County Boys & Girls Club, Metropolitan Housing, Washington Housing authority, Metropolitan AME Church in Washington and White Plains Church in Belhaven where MFS presentations  were welcomed into their organizations. With registration drives held at the Boys & Girls Club during pick up time, National Night Out and each of the Housing Developments at the Washington Housing Authority and the Metropolitan Housing Authority, many voters were registered and made aware of many of the important issues affecting the funding of government programs like public housing which tremendously benefits the area. The Beaufort County NAACP continued to be involved with the town (what is now Healthy Communities United) and the mayor of Belhaven, Adam O'neal in the effort to reopen their rural emergency hospital, as they were since the beginning by participating in press conferences and following the movement all the way to Washington, DC.

- Ashley McLean