Mecklenburg County


This summer I served in the great county of Mecklenberg. All in all we had some really great success. We fought for some early voting sites with the Board of Election, and were able to get two Saturdays and one Sunday.  We were able to organize an average of 4 canvasses a week, with voter awareness across Charlotte slowly but surely increasing. Some of our most successful moments have been our canvasses with multiple organizations. We were able to reach people on so many different aspects in multiple communities. As time picked up we were able to get our voter registrations rolling. We have about 160 people registered and just recently we gained 13 new NAACP members. Although the training was the most extend part of my time with the program and it certainly had it's ups and downs it was also one of my favorite experiences. To actually meet and work with young comrades passionate in the same cause I was truly amazed. One thing I can truly say that surprised me about working in Charlotte was the support that I received from such a diverse group of organizations. I am a true believer in history serving as a guide to our future. When I heard that NC's NAACP had created a program continuing to fight the struggle for our civil rights I was honored to have been selected as an organizer to continue the work of those who came before me. I am really thankful for the experiences that the Moral Freedom Summer has provided for me. 

- Jasmine Wright, Mecklenburg County MFS Organizer